Green Building, Sustainable Real Estate Investment, Sustainable Valuation & Efficiency Assessment: Neue Projekte, Berichte und Leitfäden

"The construction industry is affected by megatrends in four domains: markets and customers, sustainability and resilience, society and workforce, and politics and regulation." World Economic Forum, Industry Agenda: Shaping the Future of Construction - A Breakthrough in Mindset and Technology, 2016, S. 12. Im Folgenden soll es um eine kurze Tour durch einige ausgewählte Neuigkeiten zum - mit den Worten des…

Update on Duty to Maintain Property Condition under German Tenancy Law and in Real Estate Leasing

A new real estate law update concerning the duty to maintain the condition of leased property under residential and commercial landlord-tenant law as well as current information on real estate leasing contracts is published by SPB: Update German Real Estate Law 06_2015   © Copyright by Dr. Elmar Bickert